Alt Tag Image Attributes

The Importance Alt Tag Images Attributes And SEO In General

There are a lot of alt tag images attributes you can deal with if you wish to create a plan to make SEO work for you. It’s important that you are careful with this so you can attract the most attention to your website possible. Commercial and personal websites can benefit from utilising SEO properly.

What are alt tags used for when it comes to images? One thing that makes them useful is that they are what appear if you hover over an image so you can see what it is if you can’t make out the image until you click on it. You could use it to sell an item by making the text say buy this now for however much it is. Another good thing about it is that blind people can set up their browser to read this text so they know what the website contains.


Tower of Babel - Babylon
Tower of Babel

An image’s alt tag can contain keywords you wish to use for ranking in Google. You will find there to be a lot of ways to get keywords onto your website if you can’t find the means to fit them into the text on pages. You want to use the tags to help you get in the keywords that you may have a hard time getting into the writing because they are awkward. A description of an image is not going to have problems with Google’s system if it is not grammatically correct usually.

More SEO Advice To Make Traffic Appear

Keyword research is something you have to make sure you do if you want only to use what you know is going to work for you. For example, you can use sites like Google Trends to help you see what is popular based on what people have started to search for more often.

Social media websites can be used to help you rank well if you make sure to use them for business or website related purposes. Create a profile page for your company or what your site is about and then share news from your site or information on what changes have been made to it. To get followers make sure you share entertaining or useful posts so they are more likely to get shared. For example, check out this social media page for an SEO agency based in Birmingham, UK:

Images need to be high quality and related to what your tags say they are. Descriptions of the pictures can be long and very descriptive if you want them to be useful. Include product names and ID numbers so when people search for them, in general, your site’s images have more of a chance to appear. Plus, you may have visually challenged visitors that cater to that will be sure to keep visiting if you optimise all of your image alt tags.

Using alt tag images and other methods to make SEO work for you can benefit you greatly. It’s mostly about finding and sticking with a good plan of action you come up with by studying the right SEO methods. The more you can implement that work with your plans, the better.


Relationship Between Social Media and SEO

The Significant Relationship Between Social Media And SEO And Why It’s Important

One of the most influential technological advancements in the 21st century is the increased access to the internet. Yes, it is true, the internet was available in the 20th century; however, the development of compatible gadgets makes accessing the Internet more convenient. Furthermore, the development of apps is increasing the exposure of different types of data as it is sent to numerous people across the globe in a compact format. While this is interesting, how is it related to social media and search engine optimisation?

When reviewing the popularity of the internet and its impact on people’s lives, it is no wonder that the majority of individual’s strive to work online. As easy as this sounds it is not simple to achieve. To create an online company and promote the brand, there are marketing techniques that should be used, including the implementation of SEO. Social media, as a very popular form of online interaction, can benefit SEO and enhance the optimisation. This article will provide information on the different social media practices available that can boost SEO techniques.

1. Increasing Number Of Website Followers

The success of a brand is dependent on the number of hits it receives from targeted audience visitors. Think about it. A visitor who clicks on your website may purchase services or products, and this will increase the company’s profitability. One method of increasing website followers is by persistent exposure to social media accounts. The larger the amount of followers on these accounts, the greater the number of individuals you will be reaching.

Due to the popularity of social media as a marketing strategy, it is possible to obtain software that will promote your website on different accounts. This will remove the stress of daily posting and any time-consuming tasks; however, achieving the audience organically continues to be the most effective option. Using an organic approach will provide an authentic style making the visitor feel they are interacting with a person and not a robot; thus, increasing the chance of visitor hits.

2. Promoting Social Sharing Between Individuals

One of the most beneficial aspects of social networking accounts is social sharing among followers and friends. The social sharing is advantageous in contributing to brand awareness using an external procedure. The website is being promoted via a second agent by one individual sharing the website link with another individual. This not only improves visibility but can also contribute to a positive reference when individuals discuss the post.

Social sharing can also be completed by official social media accounts with a direct appeal. The interaction between audience and brand contributes to the organic targeting of an audience. It will also assist in creating an authentic design which is representative of the impact of social media and SEO.

Final Words On The Matter

Running an online company can be difficult and finding the correct marketing tools can be daunting. By using the information above you can make an informed decision on how social media and SEO can benefit your website. Click this link to see an example of a search engine optimisation company in Birmingham using social media;

Images In Digital Marketing

A Guide On How To Use Images In Digital Marketing

There are many ways to do digital marketing for your business, but image specific marketing is often overlooked. Most marketers typically focus on writing articles, blog posts, guest posts, creating videos, etc. These are all great ways to market your business, but the right use of images can significantly boost your traffic and help you get more potential customers. As a matter of fact, you might be surprised to know that the Google Image search results usually push quite a lot of traffic to websites in general. Also, there are many top image sharing sites that are among the most trafficked sites online which include Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Flickr, Imgur, Tumblr, etc. So, with that said, we will now look at how you can properly create and use images in digital marketing.


The first thing you should do is properly optimise the images you already have on your website or blog. By doing on-page SEO of your images, your traffic will almost immediately increase. So, you simply have to edit the HTML of the picture to include a proper title and alt tag. What you write in the title tag will be what people see when they hover their cursor over the image. The alt tag will represent what the search engines see, so make sure that your alt tag contains the main keyword of that page that youíre trying to rank. You should also properly optimise images on your website such as the header, banner, footer image, etc. These pictures should be labelled to include their type such as website-footer.jpg etc. This will not only make it easier for you to organise your images but will help the search engines to properly index them as well.

Next, you need to start creating and collecting high-quality images to use not only on your website but also image based social media sites. As you know, social media has become a critical aspect of digital marketing with millions of possible new customers. So, you should take the time to create business accounts on a few favourite image sharing sites like Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, etc. Once you have set up the business page, make sure that you have a company specific profile picture, description, company address, contact information, etc. Then, you can start posting relevant pictures that promote your business. Check out the Tumblr page of this UK Birmingham based SEO firm for an idea of what has been said above.

When you are creating, purchasing or editing pictures to post, you should always ensure that they are of the highest quality. Remember, each one of these pictures will represent your business and should meet the highest standards. When you are posting on various social media sites, you need to know how each one works. For example, Instagram is all about tags. You can use a mixture of your tags and popular tags to get traffic and likes on your photo. However, make sure to only place 3 to 5 tags on each photo so that you don’t annoy users. Pinterest, on the other hand, is all about creating an image board. Therefore, you need to take the time to organise your photos and label them before pinning them.

In closing, we have just looked at how you can use images in digital marketing. It is certainly a great strategy to boost your traffic and will increase your customer and fan base if done well.